The Borrower’s Creed – 5 Things You Have to Remember

Borrowing a loan is an easy thing to do. You just need to look for a money lender sg, file an application, then get your money. Even though the process is easy, many borrowers forget about their responsibilities and end up paying penalty fees and large interest. If you’re planning to borrow a loan today, step back a little and remember some important points. These points can be considered as parts of a borrower’s creed.

You Must Repay the Loan

There should be no excuses for payday loan repayment. Once you applied for a loan, make sure that you have a plan in repaying it. Unfortunately, this is a common problem among many borrowers. To ensure that you can repay the loan properly, you should draft a loan repayment plan. This plan will help you refocus your financial efforts towards repaying the personal loan for low income earners. You can even note down some key challenges and rooms for adjustment.


Negotiate for Better Rates

As a responsible borrower, you must know how to negotiate for better rates. This will help you gain more advantage in borrowing and can also put you in a better financial position. However, not all lenders are open for negotiation. These lenders operate according to strict business policies and they are always managing risks. From the get-go, you should look for lenders that have flexible policies.


Have Complete Requirements

One of the common mistakes of many borrowers is that they forget about the requirements. They proceed to application, hoping that the lender will just let them through easily. Before applying, make sure that you have complete requirements. Secure your government documents and IDs. Additionally, you must have your billing statements ready because these will be the proofs of your capability to pay back the loan.


Look for the Best Lender

With hundreds of lender competing for the attention of borrowers, it can be tricky to find the right one. Most lenders will claim that their rates are better, and some will hook you in through easy application methods. By searching for the best lender, you’ll save yourself from regrets and expectations. Keep a list of the top five lenders in your area, then pick one that will match your preferences.


Allocate the Loan Wisely

Once you got your money, congratulate yourself! After that, you must allocate the loan in a wise manner. Don’t splurge it all away – remember why’d you applied for the loan in the first place. If possible, you must use the loan for profitable means, like small investments and side hustles.


If you remember these five things every time you take out a loan, you won’t have a problem. Don’t be like other borrowers who are just contented with borrowing and letting fate take its course. Being a responsible borrower opens up many opportunities like bigger amounts, improved lender trust, and even better rates.


4 Evergreen Ideas for Your Small Business Loan

We are now living in the age of startups. Every day, new small businesses are getting established around the world. The Internet has also made entrepreneurship a bit easier through continuous information relay and advanced communication methods. One thing still remains: all small businesses need capital. If you have a unique business idea yet you don’t have capital, you’re back at square one. To resolve this, you can try applying for a small business loan singapore. Once you’re approved, you can now turn your ideas into reality.

Check out some of these evergreen business ideas that can help you maximize your loan:


DIY and Crafts

 If you have the knack for making your own projects and selling them to people, a DIY business is meant for you. Back then, it’s difficult to set up your own DIY or crafts shop. Now, times have changed. You can create an online shop where you can post your creations regularly. Selling platforms like eBay and Amazon can also widen your reach. Even though the DIY industry is competitive, you can still leave a mark. Niche down your creations and you’ll be able to sell them better.


Content Marketing

With more and more people getting pieces of action in the Web, content has become very important. Anyone can make a career as a content creator, but only few can build stable businesses. If you’re into the ever-changing realm of content, you should start building a content marketing firm. Since you can just make an online content marketing agency, your upfront cost won’t be too high. Your small business loan can definitely cover all your startup costs.


Online Consultancy

The Internet is so diverse that you can create anything you want. Small businesses thrive in the Web because of the free resources available. There are also hundreds of niches that you can discover, raising your overall chance for success. Online consultancy is a trending business idea that you can utilize. The process goes like this: you’re providing a service that can help people solve something. Whether your consultancy business is about financial tricks or homeopathic solutions, you will always have customers. Capital needed for online consultancy is not that big, so you can focus on other business aspects.


Cryptocurrency Services

If you’re unaware about Cryptocurrency, then you should do your research. Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future. Not all industries are integrated with Cryptocurrency, but the trend is catching up. The most common type of Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you can pay for services even though your own money is untouched.

To start a Cryptocurrency servicing business, you need to obtain an online wallet. Bitcoin wallet, for example, is a very popular choice. Once you have a wallet, you can now offer your services and receive Cryptocurrency as payments. You can then trade your Cryptocurrency units for real cash or other services that you need.


Do you have other ideas that you want to add? Feel free to jot them down! Just make sure that your ideas can match up the total personal loan amount that you can borrow.

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4 Ways to Avoid Being Tricked by Home Renovation Lenders

There is no such thing as a perfect home. Every now and then, your home will have little damages of various proportions. Some damages can be repaired easily, while others must be fixed through a costly renovation.

To help homeowners deal with their repair problems, lenders have created home renovation loans. These loans are specially meant for homeowners who want to renovate areas of their homes but are short in cash. Generally, home renovation lenders can provide solutions. However, there are some instances when these lenders tricked people through different ways.

Here are some basic ways to avoid being tricked by home renovation lenders:


Know the Full Value of Your Home

Borrowers who ended up paying huge fees to home renovation lenders are those with little knowledge about their homes. Knowing and understanding the full value of your home is important because you can have a clear expectation about the lender’s upcoming rates. So, how will you know the full value of your home?

You can do the hard work and run up with a quick estimate. Alternatively, you can hire the services of a home inspector. The inspector will take a quick look at your home and give you a detailed report. This report can be your proper guide.


Watch Out for ‘Tricky’ Agreement Clauses

Lenders tend to bring out confusing agreement clauses that will force you into paying additional fees per month. Not all home renovation lenders are doing this, but some are notorious for the tactic. Always review the agreement and watch out for any clauses that may be confusing or contradicting. Your eyes may not be trained enough for this, so you can try asking for help. Ask some financial experts so your knowledge can expand.


Do Your Research

Research is important before putting your trust towards a home renovation lender. What are the things that you must research about? First, you need to know the status of the home market. This will help you estimate the correct range that lenders must offer. Afterwards, you need to know what other borrowers are thinking. Are there some specific trends driving the home market forward? More importantly, you should know if the damage of your home can be repaired by few people. In that case, you can forget about getting the loan.


Find the Top Five Home Renovation Lenders

Going for the first lender that will pop up in your search is very risky. To manage this risk, you need to come up of multiple lender options. Five is a good starting point. Filter your home renovation lender search according to location and the best reviews. Focus on lenders with many positive, unbiased reviews. Social media can also help you find the ‘top five’ lenders within your area.


Home renovation lenders can make your dream repair possible, but don’t let them dictate the terms. Be firm with what you want. Negotiate. If the agreement is not favourable, don’t sweat it – look for other lenders instead!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Send Application in Lending Offices

Online loan application has become the norm in the lending scene today. Through numerous online lending websites, borrowers can get their money in a snap and they can even examine the available rates. While this method of application can help you save valuable time, visiting the lending office can still be advantageous.

These following reasons will help you realize the importance of visiting loan offices:


You Can Observe Effectively

If you’re in the lending office, you can observe anything that’s happening. From the customer service process down to the way the reps answer your questions. Through careful observation, you’ll know if the lender can indeed be trusted or not. Also, it’s important if the lending office gives you a homely feeling.


The Process Will Be Transparent

During the whole transaction, you can see all important phases. Everything is transparent and you won’t be caught off-guard. If you have questions in-between, you can ask the rep directly and the answers will follow. Such transparency is important in deciding if you’re gonna borrow or not.


You Can Reexamine the Options Well

Now that you’re aware of lender transparency, you’ll be able to reexamine your options properly. Typically, the speed of fast cash loan applications can lead to wrong decisions and unforeseen circumstances. Many borrowers are victimized by this because they tend to focus on the rewarding feeling of getting the money. With the options presented in front of you, only few details can escape your attention. If the rep has also offered you an irresistible option, you can quickly make a decision. The diversity of options presented to you could be better than what you can get online.


You Can Present Your Side Confidently

If online loan application is all about speed, in-person application emphasizes deep communication. Typically, borrowers explain their situation to the lender. Most of the time, lenders take this situation as part of their analytical process. Now if you’re applying online, you have limited means of explaining your side. The lender rep will just call you or you’d be presented with a form to input your digital explanation. Backed up with your documents, your application can be approved. In person, you can convince the lender at a better rate. You can handle the situation with ease.


Reps Might Give You Valuable Tips

In any lending company in manila, reps are tasked to help all borrowers with their concerns. While they will just give official information about your loan or other related processes, they may also leave some helpful tips for you. Keep in mind that this depends on how you treated the rep. If your attitude is great, you’ll get useful information.


Do you think these five reasons are enough to convince you in applying on-site? If the answer is right, then you shouldn’t waste time – visit a lending office today and file your application!

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4 Common Mistakes of Personal Loan Borrowers

Finding a personal loan nowadays is a very easy thing to do. You just need to open up Google an input few words in the search bar. Afterwards, you’ll get hundreds of results that can point you to the best personal loan lenders within your area. While personal loan application became easier, many borrowers are still committing mistakes. These mistakes often caused them to default on their loans and pay stiff penalties.

Do you want to learn about these top mistakes? Check them out:


Not Thinking About Repayment

Many borrowers are guilty of joining the ‘personal loan bandwagon.’ Since personal loans are actively marketed on all channels, people found countless opportunities to send out their applications. They do this without thinking about repayment, monthly fees, and other responsibilities. Before applying for a personal loan, make sure that you have repayment plan. It’s easy to make one. You can use a small organizer or a note editor in your smartphone. If you spend time planning for your repayment tactics, you’ll have a better shot at fully repaying your loan without problems.


Credit Rating Ignorance

More than half of personal loan borrowers around the world are unaware of their credit rating. Well, they’re not also aware how to check their credit history with metrobankdirect. This situation often leads to denial of applications and wasted time.

So, you should save your time and start gathering information about your credit rating. Work with your bank to get your annual credit report. Other financial organizations can also help you generate a report freely, while some will ask for payment. By being aware of your credit rating, your application will have a better chance of getting approved. Plus, banks will often lead you to greater loan advantages and bpi credit cards offers.


Too Many Options at Hand

While it’s not bad to have multiple options before picking a lender, it’s counterproductive to have so many choices. Instead of making objective choices, you may be overwhelmed with information and countless links to reviews. Whenever you’re searching for personal loans, limit your search to five or ten lenders. Augment your search with location parameters so that you can have accurate results.


Lack of Transparency

Due to their apparent fear of getting denied or investigated by lenders, borrowers often lie about their current financial status. Even though they have outstanding loans, they usually exclude that from their application forms. If you’re dealing with established lenders, always remember that they are many steps ahead. They have countless information gathering tools that can extract data through different ways. Lying about your financial status can be detrimental to your application and you may even be marked down by some lenders. Be honest in your application – lenders admire honesty.


Are you disciplined enough to skip past these mistakes and ensure that you can manage your loan with ease? If yes, then you should apply for a personal loan today. Otherwise, you should start changing your habits for the better. Consider personal loan as a responsibility that must be settled. By focusing on this mindset, you’re on the way to becoming a responsible loan borrower!